Comprehensive Body Filler

Discover the art of body filler techniques with Dr. Nourhan’s specialized course. Designed for medical professionals, this immersive training program provides a comprehensive understanding of safe and effective body contouring using dermal fillers. Dr. Nourhan, a trusted expert in aesthetic dermatology, will guide you through advanced techniques, patient assessments, and best practices. Elevate your skills and expand your offerings by mastering the art of body filler treatments. Join us to enhance your expertise and provide your patients with transformative results.

  • Techniques and Indications: Mastering Varied Approaches to Body Fillers.
  • Brand Selection Expertise: Navigating Market Options for Optimal Practice Integration.
  • Clinical Finesse: Pro Tips and Tricks for Effective Application.
  • Complication Management: Strategies for Addressing and Resolving Challenges.

Duration: 1 Day, 4-6 Hours of Hands-on Training

Investment: AED 10,500
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