Advanced Lip Filler Mastery

Welcome to the Lip Filler Workshop led by Dr. Nourhan, a distinguished expert in aesthetic dermatology. In this specialized training, you’ll explore the intricate world of lip enhancement with a focus on precision and artistry. Designed for medical professionals seeking to refine their skills, this workshop offers hands-on experience, in-depth knowledge, and the latest insights into lip filler techniques. Dr. Nourhan’s expertise will guide you through the intricacies of achieving natural, beautiful results, ensuring your patients leave with enhanced, confident smiles.

  • Diverse Techniques: Soft, Russian, Cherry Lips, and More
  • Strategic Selection: Choosing Techniques and Filler Brands Tailored to Your Client’s Lips.
  • Enhancement Strategies: Achieving Optimal Results with Previously Injected Lips.
  • Complication Management: Proactive Approaches to Handling Challenges.
  • Tackling Challenges: Expert Insights on Complex Lip Cases.

Duration: 1 Day, 3-4 Hours of Hands-on Training.

Investment: AED 5,250.

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